Basketball Cards from...Cooperstown?

I received a message in my Twitter inbox a couple of weeks ago, informing me that he had been trading and selling doubles from his '70s basketball cards and was wondering if I'd be interested in any Blazers duplicates he might have? Although I knew he collects other sports, the idea of basketball cards coming from a town associated with professional baseball just seemed odd.

The message came from the former mayor of Cooperstown, Jeff Katz. Included were some photos of 17 vintage basketball cards- which can be tough to find around here. I told Jeff that yes, I was interested but needed to check my wantlists. I thought for sure that I had the '73-74 John Johnson (see below) but it turns out I had the Rick Roberson card (he too was pictured wearing the burgundy and gold of the Cleveland Cavaliers).

Jeff asked what I thought would be a fair price for the seventeen cards and I was thrilled to see him counter my offer by dropping a couple bucks off of what I had offered. No complaints from me!

I was very happy with the condition of the cards, too. I had been window shopping COMC and most of the singles from these years were not even close to the condition of the cards Jeff sent- and they were priced higher than what I ended up paying. 

I'd love to see Topps do a baseball set that pays homage to either the '74-75 or '75-76 Topps basketball sets. The best I can hope for would be the Throwback Thursday set that is nothing other than an advertisement for their on-demand services. 

Thanks again, Jeff, for the beautiful cards and letting them go for a very fair price (not to mention the lightning-fast shipping!). 


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