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I can’t remember too many years where I’ve found Topps Series One on retail shelves on the official street date. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing it on release day. And so it shouldn’t come as a shock that I was neither disappointed nor surprised to see none at our local Walmart, who kept its consecutive streak alive. I hadn’t even planned on checking for the first week but we had gone out to dinner on Wednesday night and were driving right by the retail giant, so I figured, “why not?”  I didn’t check Target because, well, why should I? They, too, seem oblivious  to the importance of having new product on the shelf on release day. Plus it would have required me to go about a mile out of our way after dinner. And after having waited thirty minutes just to be seated (at an IHOP! Short-staffed, apparently), I was ready to just go home.

Fast forward a few days, to Saturday. My wife and I go out to eat and make a stop by Target afterwards. There would be no disappointment this time. There were plenty of options, so I went with two jumbo packs and one of the 67-card hanger boxes.                                 

First card of 2020:
Topps #28 Tim Anderson- Chicago White Sox

First Mariners card of 2020:
 #199 Domingo Santana

First Parallel of 2020:
Rainbow Foil #203 Joc Pederson

First Insert of 2020:
Topps Choice #TC-2 Yordan Alvarez

Other notable pulls:

The 67-card hanger packs at Target featured two exclusive Vladi "Highlights"cards, which I think is a nice looking design.

I also pulled this Strasburg Major League Material card out of one of the two jumbo packs. Not much has changed with these things. I don't know many people who chase after these things so I'd be surprised if I get any trade offers on the Trading Card Database, which is where it's listed for trade.

Thanks for stopping by. And if you haven't yet opened any Series One, but plan to do so... best of luck to you.


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